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Feeding the Homeless

Our parish at Corpus Christi is responsible for feeding the homeless usually on the fifth Monday of the month. To make donations of money or food, or to volunteer your time to these efforts, please contact Jose and Carmina Marrero through the Office 094.797.4842

The Next dinner we will provide is April 29th...
Any questions or offers of help should be directed to the numbers above.

 Dining With Dignity

Al and Olivia Deinhart were inspired by their formation in the JustFaith program at St. Anastasia Catholic Church and offered to organize the Catholic churches in the St. Augustine area to serve the homeless. Here in downtown St. Augustine this takes place on the third and fifth Sundays of the month - they didn't realize just how much of an influence they would have not only on the Catholic churches but others as well, to reach out to their homeless brothers and sisters in a meaningful, substantive way with food and fellowship. Please pray for the homeless and those who seek to bring them dignity.
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