Respect Life

Corpus Christi parishioners are invited to go to the abortion clinic in Jacksonville every 2nd Wed. of the month to peacefully pray.  Call Mary Oliveros  or Nancy Ste Marie  through the Office 904.797.4842
Pictures of the 2019 St. Augustine MARCH FOR LIFE can be seen here: ​​
 The “Respect for Life Ministry” travels to Planned Parenthood, A Woman’s Choice, or All Women’s Health Center in Jacksonville on the second Wednesday of the month to peacefully pray. A car pool is available. 
Your witness can help change the minds of women to save their babies.  We can help by directing them to the Women’s Help Center where they can get guidance, a free ultra sound and the necessary help they may need to make a decision to either keep their baby or to give the baby up for adoption.

Respect Life Ministry

The Respect Life Office is an educational, pastoral care and public policy ministry that seeks to instill respect for human life as a sacred gift from God. Respect Life activities focus on the gift of life from the moment of conception to natural death. The ministry promotes legislation to that effect and works to inspire people to recognize the gift of life in all its stages.
Mailing and Street Address
Diocesan Center for Family Life
11625 Old St. Augustine Rd.
Jacksonville, Fl  32258

May Oliver
[email protected]
Call 904-551-2619 x 159


Adoption Services
Geralyn Ryan
[email protected]
Call toll free: 1-866-901-9647

Pregnancy Services
Theresa Rinkowski, B.S.N.
(352) 224-6424
[email protected]

Pregnancy Resource Centers
Click here

Our Respect Life ministry has information on the resources that are available not only to abortion minded women but for women who have had an abortion.  Rachel’s Vineyard is one of these sources to help women to heal after an abortion. 
For women who are having difficulty becoming pregnant can be referred to Hannah’s Heart.  They will advise and distribute information needed to find help..
“Life is sacred. We do not like war because war hurts, maims, kills and destroys life. Abortion is war. It kills babies,” said All Souls pastor Father Agnel De Heredia, San Francisco, CA

Prayer for Respect Life

Heavenly Father, the beauty and dignity of human life was the crowning of your creation. You further ennobled that life when your Son became one with us in his incarnation. Help us to realize the sacredness of human life and to respect it from the moment of conception until the last moment at death. Give us courage to speak with truth and love and with conviction in defence of life. Help us to extend the gentle hand of mercy and forgiveness to those who do not reverence your gift of life. To all, grant pardon for the times we have failed to be grateful for your precious gift of life or to respect it in others. We ask this in Jesus' Name.

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